Man behind Kavitactic, a poetic startup

The dictionary defines poetry as ‘metrical writing’, but for Prerit Rajput, co-founder of Kavitactic poetry action and a student pursing a Bachelor’s in Computer Sciences at Chitkara University,

Poetry is his ‘Auzaar’(weapon) to express himself.

In an exclusive interview with Bizfed, he talks about his vision, mission, and passion for poetry that led to the creation and success of Kavitactic.


Formation of Kavitactic:

In September 2015 we realised that there isn’t lot happening in the city related to poetry and poets were used as fillers in music gigs and other events. We wanted to provide an exclusive stage for poets and that’s how Kavitactic came into existence.
Kavitactic is made up of two words-Kavita(poem) and Tactic. The uniqueness of the name works as an advantage for us as people tend to remember unique names.

It’s growth:

We had our first meeting on 19th September 2015 which consisted of 12 poets and now we are 120 members strong in Chandigarh itself. Other than that, we have 30-35 members in Shimla and we plan to expand to other cities and even internationally.
We started with organizing private meets where only poets were allowed, the concept similar to the culture of progressive writers in the 90s, where like-minded people gathered to discuss and write. Then we realized that not just poets, but the masses should also be aware of poetry and how it touches the lives of people, and planned to start with public events.
In November we had our first public event in a public cafe.
Now we are launching different series, one of which is Compositions, where we mix poetry and music .We organize events on a regular monthly basis.

Promotions and marketing:

We don’t use paid promotion methods
We have a loyal customer base that follows us and spreads the word. Word of mouth plays a major role in promoting our events and the rest is what we get from our social media platforms.

Effective time management:

Apart from Kavitactic , I am managing studies, volunteering for an NGO named Make a Difference, and working with AISEC. I am also very fond of reading.
Every night before I sleep, I make a checklist of the things I have to do the next day and make sure that I do it. I also rely on Apps like Siri, google calendar, and notes for setting reminders.
I feel that we need to plan the structure of our day to manage time better.
Agar aap ghar se nikalte ho toh apko apni Manzil pata honi chahiye. That’s how you plan it. The same goes for your day. You have to plan it.

Idea of success

I believe, the success of a business venture cannot be measured in terms of money. The artists needed a stage and we decided to provide them with that. Success for me is how loyal our customer base is. We have an average turnout of about 80-90 people in a small city like Chandigarh. Whatever we do, we do it just out passion, and our focus was never on the monetary gains.
Our vision is to provide a platform to every poet. Since we have succeeded in providing a platform for a large percentage of poets, I think we’re doing good.

Passion for poetry:

Poetry was something I always knew I was good at. People go through different circumstances/experiences that brings out the poet in them. For me, it was a friend who inspired me to write. Poetry helped  me find a way to express myself. Being an introvert, I felt like I found an Auzaar(weapon) to give a voice to my thoughts.
I started writing in English when I was 14, and then switched to Punjabi, then Hindi. Writing in hindi felt ‘home’ to me and I continued doing so since then. It has been around 7 years.

Love for languages:

I am very fond of learning languages. I have made a list of 10 languages that I want to learn which include Persian, Spanish, Arabic, and Sanskrit. Currently I know four languages- Hindi , English, Punjabi , and Urdu.

Aims and goals:

According to me, Life feels like a burden when you don’t have a goal. It becomes streamlined when you know what you want from life or from the particular moment.
Before this I was really confused about what I want to do with life. I am currently pursuing a bachelor’s in Computer Sciences but it isn’t something I see my future in. The human mind is a complex mechanism which is always confused. I don’t know what my ultimate goal is,It’s okay to not know, but I know for sure what I want at this particular stage.

 Life after five years:

I see myself working for Kavitactic and also a lot of other things. A man never runs out of wishes. There’s a lot I wish to do.


When it comes to start-ups, we think it is a short cut to make money. We only talk about the success stories. No one talks about the 95% of companies that fail every year. Contradicting to the general misconception, a start-up is not bound to be successful.
I think we were successful because we were in the right place at the right time. There was a need for a platform for poets and Kavitactic provided that. Since we were the first ones in the city, we got a very loyal customer base. We never degraded our quality. It is very important to not forget what your vision was. Achieving your vision in the long-term should be your only motivating factor. People or companies fail when they don’t stick to their vision.
Our vision is to provide a platform for every poet and we will abide by it.


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