Soul of Adagio: Pranshul Deva

In conversation with Pranshul Deva: A college student, a drummer,an EDM music composer, and the soul of Adagio.


Q1) What is Adagio?

A1) Italian  from ad agio ‘at ease’, the word signifies a rhythm being played in a leisurely manner. This very trait is the core of every symphony we create. Adagio is my alias. It is the name under which I create electronic dance music.

Q2) When and why did you come up with Adagio?

A2) It was back in 2014, when the rise of EDM(Electronic Dance Music) was led by artists as young as Martin Garrix and as legendary as Tiesto. EDM brought some of the best modern rhythms to this society. In a world where this remarkable music genre is religiously followed by its listeners, we wanted nothing but to contribute and so we came up with Adaigo.

Q3) When did you discover your love for music?

A3) I think everybody falls in love and realizes it later. Same was the case with me. My dad gifted me a keyboard when I was just 5, I did not know back then but by the age of 10, that keyboard was all I knew. I don’t know when I found my love for music back then but I can surely tell you that whenever I lay my hand on my instruments, I find it there every time.

Q4) How has your musical journey been so far?

A4) From witnessing bands perform onstage to performing on one myself, I’ve come so far. Back in my 7th grade, I realised that I wanted to be on stage rather than being in the audience. I grew from a keyboard player to a drummer, and then came a time where I actually had a shot at proving my metal.
My very own band, in grade 12th, bagged the 1st prize in a ‘Battle of Bands’ held between 18 bands. This was a milestone for me, I could see that this path is where I would tread and so I did.

Talking about my EDM production journey,or the journey with Adagio,in these last 2.5 years I have signed three international EDM record labels. The first label is from Italy, the second from UK and the third is of the SpeedSound REC, a prod. company from Netherlands ranking #83 in the world of EDM production. We have three worldwide releases to our name on beatport, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music etc and we are looking for similar appreciation from around the globe in 2017.

I am currently working on the theme track for my university’s next Cultural Festival, Explore.

Q5) Tell us about yourself

A5) Well talking about my life, I am a hardcore music lover who loves to explore different places, meet new people and do something extraordinary with my music. I am a foodie as well. I love driving, playing cricket and watching WWE. I swear I hardly miss any show of it and if I do, if I somehow manage to missed, I always have a backup plan. The last but not the least si that believe that I am one of the most positive and ambitious person you’ll ever come across.

Q6) If music wasn’t a part of my life, what would you be doing right now?

A6) I can’t imagine myself without music. Not only it’s my soul but it is there in my bloodstream. I may sound like a music freak here but yes that’s me and I am really grateful to have music as the most important part of my life.

Q7) What aims and goals have you set for yourself ?

A7) My aim is to be one of the most renowned and versatile music producer ever. To play at Tomorrowland, one of the biggest EDM festival in the world, at some point in my life is something I am definitely aiming at.

Q8) How do you balance work (music) and studies?

A8) Honestly, I don’t. It is just all mixed up, blended into one, like one big abstract art. Ideas can hit you anytime, so, I never lose my ground on anything. Academics, well, I think we’re all catching up on that one.


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