The profession of business can be exciting and rewarding both financially and emotionally ,or it can be depressing and frustrating.  A lot depends on person attitude and how he handles success and failure when we  gain profit we are on emotional high. However ,when we make make no profit we feel rejected when a businessmen realize it is not about only making sales but also involves satisfying coustmers helping others and solving problems ,then becomes a professional.

To succeed in the profession ,one need to develop proven and repeatable methods of selling which can give positive results consistently .one must qualify and lead the potential customer though an effective selling process in order  to result in a positive outcome . Infact there are no exceptions to this process.


. Be passionate of managing the right things at right time .

. Believe in your product .

. Believe in your company and ethics.

. Believe in being a good professional by practicing integrity.

.There is no substitute for hardwork.

. Practice persistence , don’t quit.

. Be A possibility thinker always look at possibilities and potential.

.Be knowledgeable  about your product  , service and industry .

. Get on continous education work program .

.Evaluate your performance, daily, weekly , monthly and whith each evaluation note three positive things you are to the business and continue and three things you need to improve  replace the negative

. Develop pride in performance .


Your pride in the profession helps to succeed through public relations. PR means without commercial advertising , you announce to the world that you exist by providing a useful service to society and making an honorable living. The difference between PR and advertising  is that in an advertisement you promote yourself soliciting your business whereas in pr is not self promotion it is recognition as we know.

You need to expand your circle, . the easiest and fast wayvolunteer your time in an organistion that is constructively involved in community development . It shows  you build goodwill and show concern for community or society helps in making your business deals more fluent. Improvement in business happen as aresult of mutual respect because business minded people want to deal with other like same kind of professional people .

In order to establish credibility some people think that blowing their own horn would help them overcome all the negative perceptions of buyers. In fact many sales people start bragging about their personal and organizations achievements as a strategy. Unfortunately , most of the time it backfires.

People prefer a subdued, humble and soft approach rather than an approach to show how great they are.


Your success or failure is determined by the ratio of risk  and trust between the buyer and the seller. The strategies  and risk are in inverse propotion.


Poor attitude +poor values+ poor planning +poor marketing +poor selling +poor service=QUICKLY OUT OF BUSINESS.

Poor planning +poor marketing +GREAT SELLING +poor service = Frustration+ burn out= SLOWLY OUT OF BUSINESS.

Great planning +Great marketing +great selling +POOR SERVICE=OUT OF BUSINESS +BAD IMAGE.

All 3 scenarios lead to


Suspicion makes both parties to to remain on the defensive. Its caused by lack of transparency and also result in further loss of transparency. It becomes a vicious cycle and can eventually lead to a confrontational relationship. Always ensure to stay away from situations  as they lead to distrust and suspicion.


Great attitude+great values +Great planning +Great marketing +Great selling + Great service lead to high trust +no /low risk=Growth ,Prosperity and suceess.

To sum up for succesing with your business and taking it to an edge over others you need improve if any of these item is poor , it is a recipe for disaster . it doesn’t matter what combination it is.



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