10 useful gadgets that everybody should have.

I grew up being told by my parents each time they went off to war that they may explode, so I needed to know how things like the gadgets in the kitchen worked.

-Olivia Wilde

People are becoming tech-savvy day by day and they love carrying mobiles or being updated with the upcoming gadgets. They are always looking for something new and technical. Even I love having such gadgets and today I will tell you some of the gadgets those are a must have:

1. Cougar 300Mmaxresdefault

  • Every gamer would be aware of this gadget because it happens to be a professional level gaming mouse, especially made for passionate gamers.
  • The mouse has 4000DPI sensor internally which provides you with a competitive gaming standards and reliable control.
  • With its 1000Hz polling rate you won’t have to worry about the reaction time.
  • The buttons are located in such a manner that thry’re easily accessible butalso will prevent unnecessary clicks.
  • The mouse has 16.8 million color LED backlight.
  • Above all this hard and technical interior you get soft touch surface for comfortable and full control of the mouse.

2. SanDisk Ultra CZ48 USB 3.0 Flash Drive41ejarq8g6l-_sl1000_

  • Even though we are saving most of our data in cloud storage, but it never hurts to keep some important things on a flash drive. And nothing better than this Flash Drive.
  • This flash drive can transfer data in 100mbps speed.
  • It is said that you will be able to transfer a full movie in just some seconds. Isn’t that handy?
  • The capacity can go up to 256GB, the flash drive can have all the high resolution photos, movies, documents, MP3’s.
  • It comes in a very compact yet cute design.
  • The Flash drive has SanDisk Secure Access software, which lets you keep a password in order to protect your files.
  • This device comes with 5 year warranty.

3. Fitbit


  • The best way to keep a track of your health, this gadget is a must have.
  • With this gadget you can keep track of the steps you took, the distance you covered and the amount of calories you burned today.
  • This gadget is just a mother in a form of a wrist band. Does everything a mother would, and that is why it is an amazing gadget.
  • The Charge2 to in order to remind you to take 250 steps every hour it sends you reminders. So much like my mom.
  • This gadget even tracks your sleep and how well you sleep, just to know how well you would work the other day.
  • You get up with a silent alarm and you can create a sleep schedule with this gadget.
  • There are so many other features like these and this gadget proves to be worth the money.

4. Kensington Desktop Computer and Peripherals locking kit


  • If you stay in a place where there are frequent robberies then you need this gadget.
  • You can lock your keyboard, desktop, mouse with this kit and be safe and secure.
  • Most of the Kensington locks have combo system but this kit has a key, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting the combo, you just have to carry the key. Don’t forget the key.

5. NES Classic Edition


  • This gadget happens to be a miniature version of the ground-breaking NES (Nintendo Entertainment System)
  • You get a controller with this gadget and you can play amazing games with that controller. You can use the controller with the NES Virtual Console games on your Wii™ or Wii U™ just simply plugging the controller with you Wii Remote.

6. G-Technology G-Drive Slim 


  • This gadget is the solution to videos, music, photos as it is Ultra slim, Ultra Stylish portable hard drive.
  • This gadget is Time Machine compatible and comes with preformatted HFS+. Just an initialization is what is required to make this gadget useful for Windows System.
  • The speed of transferring data goes up to 125mbps, it has up to 500GB storage and comes with a 3 year warranty.

7. Anker Bluetooth Ultra Slim Keyboard


  • This keyboard is so easy to carry as it is light, compact plus it is easy to set up.
  • They also have an amazing battery life.
  • The keyboard is compatible with different desktop and laptops.
  • But if you are looking to pair this with a tablet, trust me it’s not a bad choice.

Well I love buying new gadgets every month and that adds to my research. All these gadgets are amazing and useful. The people who want to be a guru of gadgets or tech should own these gadgets because you never know when you would find the need for these gadgets.


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