Trending Of Fake Click Earning

People call it a part-time business the company collects your valuable money in the form of investment in your own business. They provide you some sites, you just have to click on that websites and earn 5 Rs. per click. Well growing Part time business for the people they don’t have to work hard just click on the website earn well not to study hard without spending your parents money on education you can earn through these type of sites. More than 7 lakh Indian people who invested their valuable money on this type of fake’s website were duped. Modus operandi was through a website No one knows about the parent company of the website. No one Knows about the Directors of the Pvt.Ltd firm. No Question Stuck in the people’s mind only they need just want to earn money nothing else. May be its very easy way of fooling people in India. In those 7 lakh people’s did anyone know little bit about the company? If they really know about the company they will never invest their valuable money. Ablaze Info Solution Pvt. Ltd. was the parent co. whose founder was Anubhav Mittal. In the starting there used to be two directors: Sunil Kumar Mittal and Anubhav Mittal. He purchased ten and more other domain names too. The Company didn’t earn a penny in the financial year 2010 to 2015 i.e. everything was just in the papers.In the financial year 2015 to 2017 comes as the boom year for the Company. Social Trade site influence the people and Earn lots of money by fooling people. On 13th November, 2016 Company built their office in Noida. Audit Report 2016 submitted by the company was totally misguiding. There were so many mistakes in the balance sheet of the company. The Statutory auditor of the company M/s Kumar Aggarwal & Associates (Chartered Accountants) were also seems to be involved in this Scam as they couldn’t even point out the scam that was very apparent from the records or statements of the company. In December 2016 company introduce the additional director Ayushi aggarwal. Sunil Kumar Mittal resigned from his post, may be a way to escape from the fraud and thus become an absconder.

After reaching a stage, it became difficult for the co. to pay amount to the people they guaranteed them. Thus after numerous complaints and pressures from the people, the company itself claims its fraud.


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