Having strategy is great thing but it should always be looked as a guideline. Especially in the start-up phase, having a plan is great deal but so many things change if you’re not flexible enough and no matter how good your strategy is the business will fail. Many people change their business if they don’t find market for their business. If a person doesn’t have money he can do his business by having one great strategy, he can involve cold calling referrals and having referrals scheme in varied places. He can also create a joint venture with other companies and this would definitely help him. A lot of start-ups or entrepreneurs have great ideas, great products and services but lack on the sale side of things.
Self promotion however is the key to anybody who wants to succeed in business, it is important to be out there, meet people, even do the hated cold call or door to door sales.
A lot of people give it up thinking it’s no longer the way to go but with the proper planning, research and using all the networking events it is a great way to get any business running. You need a strategy but if that strategy doesn’t involve the business owner being out there and promoting the  company and themselves on an ongoing and constant basis then no matter what your strategy is, it will eventually fail.You need drive,passion,and a plan in place to bring customers into your business.
Strategy is a short term action plan, and how it depends to the environment you are acting in. You should know the goal of your business. If you know how to analyze things happening then you’re capable of reaching the right conclusions, you will always have a perfect strategy. Your business strategy will change the economic conditions and trends.
“Believe In yourself, believe in changing the world, it might be a long process but it’s worth it”

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