A Shipping Clerk to the greatest Mathematician of the Era

When no one can think of writing a single book in his entire life, this Indian man wrote two. This not only dumbstruck the then known, famous British mathematicians but also made them convinced to invite him to their place for publishing his considerable great work. S. Ramanujan, a child prodigy, who had such a great devotion for mathematics, that even without having a formal education, he did such an exceptional research work in mathematics that no one can even imagine then. Though he somehow lost his scholarship for higher studies in Madras College, but who knows what was going to happen next ………………………….

To give his contribution to the family’s earnings, he started working as a shipping clerk at Madras Port Trust. But as said earlier, no one knows what was going to happen next, the God had planned something else for him. His work was recognized by Mr. G. H. Hardy, a professor at Cambridge University and he invited him to work with him. Since then he started making momentous contribution in the field of mathematics, and now the thing is “What we are doing now, i.e. after almost 100 years since he died, is the result of what he had studied & proved then”. He also became the member of the Royal society of London.

Though his work was not so recognized and appreciated at that time but it can actually be seen now: As few years back, in an interview, the founder of FB, Mark Zuckerberg didn’t even hesitate taking Ramanujan’s name when asked about “Who according to him are the greatest inventors of all time?”

Though we lose such an ingenious soul at an early age of just 32 years because of TB, but the legacy he had left behind become great source of inspiration for all others working in this field. He had so been consumed by math’s that even on his deathbed, he was writing the formulas & theorems that he said had come to him in dream.

Even after he died, this man didn’t stop showing his mathematical witchcraft ……………..One of his lost notebook, containing his research work was found, which to the shocking of all greatest mathematicians consists Four Thousand (4000) claims/theorems he had made, though all without proofs, but when seen today, most of them are being proved and now are established as correct claims, which were made then.


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