Guiding light for Bloggers : Blog’s Creed

Blog’s Creed is a community focused startup that focuses on helping and supporting people in turning their passion into profit. They believe that you don’t have to be stuck in a dead end job to make a living as is the 21st century, and unlike your parents, you have the Internet. There is just no point in not following your dreams.
According to them, there cannot be a better time to quit your corporate jobs and start a blog or video series about anything you are passionate about(even Flowers!) as who knows, in the next 365 days, you’d be exporting tons of flower seeds across the globe,banking real money- all while doing what you really love.

In conversation with Raghvendra Mishra, founder of Blog’s Creed.


What brought us together

Our team
The core idea of starting our venture was Automation.
We believe in automating as many processes as possible. Therefore, we tend to place a software or a bot where most startups turn to manual labor.
Standing strong we are a small  team of 4 individuals.
It all materialized when Mr. Rajesh Jindal, the co founder of Blog’s creed, believed in what we wanted to achieve and invested the crucial seed capital.
I remember meeting Mr. Rajesh Jindal via this Q&A website called That was back when I was in high school. I cleared a couple of his doubts on how to monetize internet assets and that lead to a brief meeting. I eventually got him to start a blog about what he was most passionate about-Politics and Religion. That was around 2 years ago and now his blogs are read by over 10 Million people every month.
The other two members are Aman Dixit and Jatin Monga. They have supported me since the formation of the company.
In fact, the idea to start this company occurred to me  when Aman took me to a conference where a shady company was trying to sell an overpriced blogging package to college students. The strange fact was that they were actually buying it! So, that is when I realised, if they can sell this crap, I can do it better than them. Hence, Blogs Creed came into existence

What we do

When I decided to do something like Blog’s Creed, the first question I asked myself was, “What are the problems that I faced when I was trying to make my first dollar with blogging?”.
This lead me to the 4 areas where most bloggers face tons of challenges,
a.) Technology
Most bloggers tend to find their comfort zones in the easy to use third party platforms like, what they forget is that comfort zone is not where the magic of success happens.
If you really plan to make money from your blog ever, start with a professional .com blog from the beginning.
b.) Education
Ah well, doing anything with half or no knowledge can just be useless, if not harmful for your business. We provide in depth premium video tutorials about all the aspects of professional blogging.
c.) Costly tools and Resources
We provide access to useful tools and Resources at fraction the cost so their work never suffers and their ideas don’t have to compromise because of technical barriers.
d.) Support and community
We provide highly effective support via our support ticket system, unlike any other web hosting company, we also take support questions regarding website traffic, design, etc . Our ever growing community of professional and newbie bloggers is useful for inspiring and getting inspired.
Currently we try to address all these 4 challenges with our “supercharged-blogger-package”.

Our Mission

The first phase of our venture , where we planned to meet our end customers face to face and mostly sell through direct contact is almost complete.
Our next step is to launch the video course series with a major online marketplace like Click bank or JVZoo. 

 Our mission is to help as many people as we can in turning their passions into profits and make some money along the way.

For more,

Visit them at


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