Hobbies you can monetize:

What else would you want when you can turn your passion into a money maker?!

IMG_20170205_122027_745By Apekchhya Shrestha, 26th March,2017

There are so many things in life that can be as obvious as it sounds and yet go unnoticed by you. Here are some of the hobbies that everyone follows constantly, now is the time for you to realize that you can work on “fun” to make money too:

Baking: If you love baking, you and I both know you do it too often. You love to eat and feed. So, instead of being too much of a giver, start a mini business by baking a little more and selling them to local markets, school canteens and stores. You can make money online buy making your own website and uploading tutorials for baking.pexels-photo-295043

Music: Listening, playing and creating music, all of them can help you make money. Make videos of you playing some instrument, singing, post some tutorials on how to play the instruments. Make YouTube your best friend. You can upload collection of songs, edit them and make them better if you are a listener. Moreover, there are different sites that pay you for listening to music like slicethepie and Musicxray.turntable-top-view-audio-equipment-159376

Dance: Believe me, people love to dance and watch others dance, and if you’re really good at it, then you don’t have to do much to earn viewers. Make a website or upload videos on YouTube of you dancing or your choreography.

Crafts: Making crafts is really fun way to show your creativity. Usually we make them to gift them to people or just keep them as home decors. Little did you know, they can actually be sold! That is, if you are good at it. Sell them to local markets, souvenir shops and websites like Made it Myself, Amazon and Handmadeology. You can even make DIY videos and use YouTube and blogs to earn money online.pexels-photo-102604

Travelling: Travelling is the one thing everybody wishes for. Travel blogs are one of the most followed blogs. You can start your own blog and review different hotels and places, write your experiences and post pictures of incredible places you go to. Different travel agencies pay for you to go to different places and want you to write about them in return.pexels-photo

Reading Books: A bookworm? Doesn’t mean you only have to sit curled up with a book in your hands. Of course you’ll have opinions after you’ve finished a book, why not tell people how the book is and get money in return? Write book reviews or make videos and post them on the internet. Also, refer the readers to sites where they can buy the books like Amazon and Snapdeal so you can earn commission every time they buy the books.

Eating: How can you earn by eating?? Everybody loves food, and everybody wants to know where they can find good food. Become a food blogger, a food critic, refer to different places and get commission. Take salivating pictures of the food, share as much as you can and make yourself seen.food-business-lunch-restaurant-lunch-163018

Make up: Make up is one of those things you’ll find in a girl’s survival kit (also includes guys who are conscious about looking good, I mean who isn’t?!). So if you can master this craft, why not show it off and share some knowledge? Make up tutorials and articles are most searched on the internet. So blog and vlog and swing your make up brush like a magic wand to make money.woman-girl-young-beauty



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