Online v/s Offline market

Online Market

Online marketing is something where one can buy or sell their products and services through internet. This is also known as Digital Market.

It’s advantages:

  • Customer can compare products and services.
  • Best possible prices available.
  • Everything available on one platform.
  • Clear information.
  • Sales are often.

It’s disadvantages:

  • Not sure of the quality and quantity.
  • Delivery charges.
  • Customers don’t trust easily on new sites.
  • No guarantee if the product will be original.
  • One bad experience brakes customer’s trust and faith.

Offline Market

In Offline marketing, selling of products and services are directly in between the seller and the customer.

It’s advantages:

  • Guarantee of the product.
  • Exchange is easy.
  • No one can fool on quality and quantity.
  • Bargaining can be done.
  • Buying stuff from Wholesale, always costs less.

It’s disadvantages:

  • No time to go out to shop.
  • Less options.
  • No comparison.
  • No one available to give feedback of the product, so that one can make decision.
  • One can get manipulated by salesman.

Conclusion: Both markets have it’s own advantages and disadvantages. It’s truth that now a days, people have got no time to go and shop, so they prefer to buy things online. But some people don’t trust online sites, so they prefer to buy things by their own from offline market. Yes, we always do get more options online with all the information needed, including the product’s feedback. Offers, Sales, Coupons and Discounts are available on almost every site. But their is no compulsion to shop online. It’s a person’s own choice.


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