Hi readers! Before I write my first article on to business or a failure story I would want you all to know what failure is? I know you all know what failure is but then there are many  aspects which are behind a man’s failure and the biggest thing that we don’t know is that you don’t know yourself! yes people that is true.. what if i just give 10 sec. to answer WHO YOU ARE? some of you might just got your name in your mind or many of you said I am (your post / relation somewhere) but that is just not what you are . its very important to know that other than your name as your identity there are other things that are important about you. I mean if i talk from business point of view that if you don’t know who you are? what you actually want? are you doing the business just to excel and earn profit or you really want to do it with personal motives which satisfies you, then how can you excel in it. just to explain my point i would take an example about start-ups in India. As per research its found that 48.75% leave their idea of business which they started just because they say they failed and if i compare it with USA then i would just quote that “The number of failure there, is more even the number of attempts here”.  Just because we fail to understand why we failed? where we lacked? we just end up in depression or change in profile and move on and not knowing deeply about what hinders us? and i think its very important that one must know to be a master you will fail many a times but if you know yourself you will gradually improve , and know that i need to work here, on this part. just an example which we have heard from childhood about the spider who fell so many times but when she analyzed where she was going wrong and finally did it on her final attempt. so that is how it is!


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