The Don’ts for an Entrepreneur:

You know this list can be a hundred times longer!

IMG_20170205_122027_745.jpgBy Apekchhya Shrestha, 10th April, 2017



               Don’t be one of those small businesses that fail in the first five years. Even the entrepreneurs having enough motivation, potential and vision to be a business owner make mistakes that seem really casual. As minor as it may sound, these mistakes can as easily break your business.

Here are the things you shouldn’t do, if you want your business to be effective for a long long time!

1. Don’t just focus on the looks:

Be it a human or a business, looks are not all that matters. Yeah, looking good may help, but what really matters is what’s within. Foundational work should be strong in your site, people should know how they can make a use of it.

2. Don’t lose focus off your goals:

Just because things are trending, and everybody is using it doesn’t mean you have to do it too. If it doesn’t help you head towards your goal, then just let it slide. Keep your mind and heart set on your goals.

3. Don’t forget to make your website mobile responsive:

If you don’t want to drive readers away, you need to make sure your website can automatically resize itself into whatever device it is read on.

According to Google’s study:

  • 61% of users said that if they didn’t find what they were looking for right away on a mobile site, they’d quickly move on to another site.

4. Don’t rely on traffic:

Most of the new bloggers have a really strong desire to increase traffic without knowing if the traffic they receive is actually useful or not. You need to have a purpose for your visitors, a way they could serve your site. Be it signing up for an email list, becoming a customer, or even just a follower, the traffic has to be useful.

5. Don’t avoid criticism:

Criticisms should be heartly welcome. They make your business grow and let you know that your business is being seen and has the potential. Being criticized helps you learn the dos and don’ts in the industry.

6. Don’t be unknown to what people actually want to see:

Nobody wants to hang on to content with long explanations and unnecessary decorated language on the content. Make it smart, short and simple. People like bold typeface, bullet points and short paragraphs.

7. Don’t think you can do it all on your own:

Okay, you’re brave enough to make a decision to start a business all on your own and believe me, it is going to be not so easy. You’ll need help that comes in so many forms. Build relationships with people who have already made it to a successful position, listen to business coaches, do a lot of research and most importantly, build connections.



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