Reliance Jio’s Dhan Dhana Dhan offer by Mukesh ambani


when jio summer surprise offer was not continued then reliance jio came up with a new Dhan Dhana Dhan offer to the customers who were unable to subscribe summer surprise offers. users of jio should not worry because just like previous offers now also they will get free services along with 1GB data per day for a period of three months. to avail this offer what users need to do.

earlier non prime members  will have to spend Rs 99 on the Prime membership and then go for Rs 309 recharge. The scheme comes in Rs 309 recharge – an increase from its Summer Surprise offer – and Rs 509 recharge.

Those customers who are yet to subscribe to Prime Membership will have to pay a total of Rs 408 (309+99) or Rs 608 (509+99) if they want to avail the Dhan Dhana Dhan offer. Rs 509 offer which allows 2GB usage per day for a period of three months is aimed at high data user. It also offer unlimited SMS, calling and data (2GB per day at 4G speed) for 3 months on first recharge.

Till now reliance jio has not mentioned if there is any last date to avail the dhan dhana dhan offer. it is now opportunity to get special benefits that are available to Jio Prime members, customers who were unable to subscribe to Jio Prime for any reason, can continue to do so by paying Rs. 408 or Rs. 608 (Jio Prime + recharge price) to avail these benefits.

A recharge of Rs 509, will give the user the same benefits as Rs 499 offer under the Summer Surprise. Users can avail a data limit of 2GB per day under this new scheme. For non-Prime members, the consumer will have to pay an additional Rs 99 to avail the same offer for a period of 84 days.

The billing cycle for Dhan Dhana Dhan offer will start from July onward.

The offer includes unlimited data, free voice, unlimited SMS and access to Jio apps.


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