7 Side hustles that can make you Money

No questions asked, if you can do it, you get the job!

IMG_20170205_122027_745Apekchhya Shrestha, 12th April, 2017


  • Take surveys:
    Online survey sites can help you for your extra expenses. They can be an easy to do side jobs for anyone. There are several sites that pay you money for taking a survey. I suggest you sign up for more than one survey companies so that you have your options. These are some legitimate sites: MySurvey, Toluna, E-Poll.



  • Use phone apps:
    These mobile apps pay you for doing so little: Swagbucks, Ibotta, ShopTracker, InboxDollars. They might ask you for the receipts, your preferences, your purchase online, ask you to walk a 1000 steps, or even watch a video, as simple as that!



  • Online tutor:
    You can have absolutely no experience in tutoring but sites like these don’t judge: Enroll, SameSpeak. You can be a 15 yrs. old or a 10 yrs. old, depends on the company’s requirement. But, yes there is a place for really young people to tutor too. It can be anything, Language, Music, Math and etcetera.



  • Sell photos:
    Use your archives, take out your best pictures and sell them. Some sites like these pay you every time someone downloads your photo: Shutterstock, SmugMug, iStockphoto, Fotolia.



  • Answer Questions:
    Everybody knows something. Make money with whatever you’ve learnt your whol life. Share opinions and you knowledge with sites like these: Chacha, Keen, Maven



  • Resume writer:
    If you can create an impressive image for anyone by using persuasive words, then this won’t be a tough job for you. Many people do need help writing a resume and preparing CVs. Sites like these help you get a job as a resume writer: ResumeEdge, Indeed, FlexJobs.



  • Review music:
    Music is such a great way to escape the reality. What could be better than finding a way to make money finding your escape?! There are sites that pay you for listening to music and providing them with reviews. These are some sites that actually pay you for doing what everyone else does for free: MusicXray, Slice the Pie.




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